5 Reasons Job Seekers Use a Medical Recruitment Agency


5 Reasons Job Seekers Use a Medical Recruitment Agency

Job searching is a big deal. You might be an excellent medical professional, but you might not be that great at job searching. After all, hunting for a job takes a very specialized set of skills. It can feel like its own full-time job, which can be almost impossible when you are in school or already have a job that’s taking 60 hours a week.

That’s why it can be so important to make use of a medical recruitment agency when you’re looking for a new job in the healthcare industry. Here are some of the most important reasons for a job seeker to work with a healthcare staffing agency instead of going it alone.

You Can Apply To More Jobs

Like we said above, job hunting takes a lot of time. If you’re looking for medical jobs online, you’ll need to tweak your résumé for each and every company you apply to to match their every need. Unfortunately, this is the point at which many people pad their résumé (i.e. lie) so as to meet a specific company’s needs. You’ll also need to change the cover letter for each company, which means researching them to convince them that you actually know something about them. All of this takes time that most medical professionals simply don’t have.

When working with a medical recruitment agency such as Moldable Business Solutions, those tweaks aren’t necessary. We’re going to take a look at your résumé and then pass it along to the companies that are looking for it. This levels the playing field; no longer is anyone tweaking their résumé only to target a specific company so that it will bypass their keyword gates. Instead, a single résumé can be appropriate for multiple companies.

We Have The Companies Looking For Medical Staff

At one time it seemed that no one could topple the big online job search sites and recruiter sites. Those early sites had the momentum, and they just kept snowballing until nearly everyone was going to a single site to look for staff nurse vacancies and physician jobs. But those sites ended up getting too big. When a company works with job seekers in construction, medical, retail, tech, and a hundred different industries, it can get overwhelming. Their staff simply can’t be career specialists when dealing with so many disparate jobs.

That’s where the specialized recruitment agencies like us come in. Our staff knows the medical industry, so we can find the right healthcare candidates for the right healthcare companies. Because we specialize as a healthcare recruitment agency and know the medical jargon that comes along with the average résumé or CV, we’re able to make the best matches around.

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Filter Your Location…Or Don’t!

Some healthcare jobs transfer across state lines better than others. While some of the people who work with our healthcare staffing agency are interested in moving anywhere in the country, others are pretty intent on staying in their current location. That’s why we let you tell us about your preferred location when your job searching. Once you tell us “St. Louis” or “NYC” or “nationally,” we’ll be able to properly match you to the right medical facility.

It’s Free For You

One of the most common questions that we get is “how much does working with a healthcare staffing agency cost?” We’re happy to report that it doesn’t cost you anything, whether you get a job or not. The medical establishment that is looking for staff is the side that pays, so the job seeker pays nothing.

Why are hospitals and clinics willing to pay to work with a healthcare staffing agency? It saves them an amazing amount of time and resources. While searching for a job might feel like a full-time job, filling job positions is a full-time job for larger establishments. Working with a medical staffing agency allows them to free up staff as someone else does the hiring. Considering how specialized we are, we often end up getting them even better staff than they would normally have.

Put Yourself Above the Rest

Here at Moldable Business Solutions, we know that job searching isn’t fun for most people. At the same time, presenting yourself in the best way is incredibly important to growing your career. We don’t want good medical professionals being kept back just because they’re not that great at job searching; that’s why we offer additional services to help you shine above the other candidates.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at interviewing or how good your bedside manner is if you can’t first get yourself through the door with your résumé. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that the format of résumés changes considerably over the years; even using a five-year-old “How To Write A Résumé” book could make your résumé look dated. You don’t want to appear out of touch just because what HR is looking for has changed while you were in medical school. We can tweak your résumé so that it can appeal to more medical establishments.

We also offer coaching and one-on-one consultation so that you can be even better at job searching. A few simple tips can make you a better interviewer and make you a more attractive candidate to potential hiring staff.

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If you’re looking for a job in the healthcare industry, we want to make the process as easy on you as possible. We’re medical recruitment specialists and constantly help people find the jobs they’re looking for. Click here to check out the jobs we have and upload your résumé!